How to see posts in taxonomy endpoint

I am looking at a custom taxonomy endpoint and there are custom post types for this taxonomy but they don’t show in the endpoint. Is there something I need to add to this endpoint or something to the registering of the custom post type/taxonomy?

How to transform a legacy widget into a block

WP 5.8 (not released yet) will include support for transforming legacy widgets into blocks. I have a custom legacy widget I’m trying to add support for transforming it into a block. Reading the docs I added the following code to one of my blocks. My legacy widget had two attributes (attribute1 and attribute2):

Validate rest-api call on create

WordPress Site A has an API, which is being used by another system/application (B). B is struggling to handle/controle/sanitize the posts being sent to the API, and often cause creation of duplicates. B is really struggling to solve this in their end, so I was wondering if I can add a validation-method to the endpoint in my end.