Dynamic import in react not working when trying to import a component in another directory

Hello everyone I have been trying dynamic imports in react for rendering my components for an app created with CRA (create-react-app) and while it works perfectly for some cases but for some it returns a cannot load module error for instance I loaded a component(placed in a directory under src) dynamically in my index.js which works fine but when I try to render a child or nested component inside that also with a dynamic import approach it gives error cannot load module. Note this error occurs only if the nested component is placed outside the directory of the original parent component enough talk here is the code.

Dynamically importing Python module

I have a trusted remote server that stores many custom Python modules. I can fetch them via HTTP (e.g. using urllib2.urlopen) as text/plain, but I cannot save the fetched module code to the local hard disk. How can I import the code as a fully operable Python module, including its global variables and imports?
I suppose I have to use some combination of exec and imp module’s functions, but I’ve been unable to make it work yet.