MySQL Select from table return all, plus one column with condition and another query

I’m pretty basic at MySQL queries. I work on a Laravel web app, at this point it comes to edit the User Role’s part. I have a table that lists options for a user’s role (called mst_level), and another table reflects the list of users who has that role (called mst_user_level). Been search this topic several times, but always found a different case.

How to show results in a mysql database only if two fields in unison are not the same

I have a mysql table: CREATE TABLE tipoUFRubros( idTipoUFRubro int unsigned not null auto_increment primary key, idConsorcio int not null, idRubro int not null, idTipoUF int not null )ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; This are the table’s contents: === idTipoUFRubro === idConsorcio === idRubro ==== idTipoUF === 75 =============== 2 =========== 1 =========== 1 === 76 =============== … Read more

MySQL: Update a column based on membership in a non-updateable view

I have a column in a table that I want to set to true or false based on conditions in another table that is only related to the first table via a third table. The first table is a table of deployments, the second table contains messages for each deployment (many messages per deployment), and the third table contains msg_data which only come from certain messages. Not all deployments will include the data_msg messages, but if they do I want to set a column in the deployment table to TRUE. I have created a view of the table that shows all the rows where this column should be set to true: