Gmail API for sending mails in Node.js

Disclaimer: I have followed Google’s own Node.js quickstart guide and successfully connect and use the gmail.users.labels.list() functionality. I have checked for questions/answers here, like this one (that is not using the Node.js API I am asking about), or this one (similar to this one) which apparently is the same problem I have but the solution … Read more

Google Cloud Pub/Sub API – Push E-mail

I’m using node.js to create an app that gets a PUSH from Gmail each time an email is received, checks it against a third party database in a CRM and creates a new field in the CRM if the e-mail is contained there. I’m having trouble using Google’s new Cloud Pub/Sub, which seems to be the only way to get push from Gmail without constant polling.

Gmail – smtp error 421 4.7.0

We are using gmail oAuth2 to send the mail from nodemailer and receiving below error – {"code":"EENVELOPE","response":"421 4.7.0 Temporary System Problem. Try again later (WS). e189-v6sm98ioe.0 – gsmtp","responseCode":421,"command":"DATA"} Out testing team by mistake run the automation test script and triggered a lot of mails simultaneously, I understand that might have blocked the mail’s temporarily as … Read more