Should I run mysql on google cloud run? (or any database)

I’ve been researching the new options to run Docker containers in Google Cloud Run, however, there seems to be no advice on whether or not one should run MySQL on Cloud run, apparently, I know it isn’t a web service, and I understand in the Official Google Documentation for GCP, Google would probably just tell people to kindly use Cloud SQL (their SQL Offering), I haven’t found any advice online about “running mysql on cloud run”, so I thought I’d ask here.
Will startup times from cold starts decrease performance of the solution? (assuming one uses a Bucket for storing the stuff)

Cloud Run deployed REST API failing on only specific endpoints

So I’m trying to deploy my NodeJS rest API on Cloud Run and for the most part it deploys successfully except a couple endpoints seem to be failing with either a 404 or 500 error. However when I run the container locally using docker run -p 8080:8080 <image> all the endpoints work. The common thing between all the failing endpoints seem to be that they are accessing the remote database using the credentials stored in the .env file.

Google Cloud Functions with

My understanding is that to establish a persistent socket connection using the Node.js server should be always running. With Google Cloud Functions there isn’t an always running Node.js server, so keeping a socket connection alive is not possible. Is Cloud Run with a running Node.js server the best option to handle multiple socket connections … Read more

Laravel application hang on Google Cloud Run but runs fine on home setup

I am testing out Google Cloud Run as a platform to run a new project. Project is developed using NodeJS and Laravel. Created a docker images based on php-fpm. This image runs fine on my dev environment running Ubuntu 21.04 and Docker 20.10.8.
When running the same image deployed on Google Cloud Run the application hangs randomly.
I have narrowed it down to a specific line in imported symfony http send function, class called from laravel index.php. Application will hang a function call to fast_cgi_finish_request(). It will hang on that line 70% of cases and call to timeout after 300 seconds when nginx times out.