Multiple bulk import entries using Google Apps Script

I know there are existing codes to build a form that can upload multiple files (bulk import) such as this Uploading Multiple Files to Google Drive with Google App Script, but I was just wondering if it’s possible to do one that asks for bulk import (or big sized file) multiple times? The existing scripts seem to pass the id of one input in the upload function using document.getFileByID(), and I can’t pass multiple id’s in it.

How to upload an image to google drive using gapi and react

I’m trying to upload an image to google drive. I followed this tutorial for uploading files, I can upload a simple file but when I try to upload an image I get a corrupted image. In fact, the file is uploaded but the image I want to see is corrupted. I know that the problem is in the body of the request but I don’t know where because it’s a strange way (boundaries, delimiters, etc).
Everything works fine except for the content of the image so you just need to look at the post method that uploads the image.
This is my code:

How we can give access or user permissions to a google docs link to share with others with PHP?

I am trying to give user permissions to google docs file using php with google docs api but I am getting scopes error and permissions error. It is giving errors while using insert and create permissions methods.
can you please share me the code, how to give user permission to the google docs file to share with others using PHP code and which type of scopes and services I have to use.

How we can share a google docs link with others without requesting access using PHP?

Is it possible to share a google docs link to others so that they can see and edit my google docs without requesting access. I already gone through this link for “webView link”. But I am not getting it how to use it in my code using PHP so that I can share my google docs without requesting access.

How we can get permission Id from a google drive api using PHP?

I want a permission Id to update my user permissions of a file in google drive using google drive api with PHP.Can anybody tell me how to fetch the permission Id from response.
I went through this
In this I need permission Id to update my permission but I am unable to get it. Can anybody tell me how i can fetch it programatically using PHP. What exact method is there to get the permission Id.