Identity Server 4 + Identity Framework + React front-end

I’m looking for advice on how to properly put an environment like this together. There’s a ton of info out there and a ton of material to cover in the Quickstarts, but I’m still feeling fairly lost after 3 days of trial-and-error. I’m familiar w/ Identity Framework in the .NET Framework, but have never worked with Identity Server prior to this.

Authentication for SPA hosted on same domain as API leveraging SameSite cookies

I am thinking about how I will implement authentication in my react application and even after hours of reading I still have few questions. Please provide any information you think could benefit me I would like to really understand the problem it could be that my line of reasoning somewhere implies I don’t fully understand something I would appreciate if you could point out where I am wrong.

gRPC IdentityServer4 Error: Can’t sign in with google auth

I’m using Blazor WebAssembly with gRPC and i’m new to Identity Server 4 and trying to implement google sign-in. I already followed the tutorial in the docs but when i tried to load the website, the console gave 2 errors like below. I searched many StackOverflow posts and GitHub issues similiar to this error and it didn’t really helped me. My guess is that the error is in the server side because it happens when the website is loading.