Import Python Script Into Another?

I’m going through Zed Shaw’s Learn Python The Hard Way and I’m on lesson 26. In this lesson we have to fix some code, and the code calls functions from another script. He says that we don’t have to import them to pass the test, but I’m curious as to how we would do so.

Importing New Posts from Live Site into Local Dev Site

I’m currently developing an updated version of a live site in a local environment. It’s a very large site and the local dev site is using a entirely new theme without many of the live site’s plugins or functionality. The live site uses Avada Fusion and almost all content is wrapped in shortcodes forcing me to basically re-publish each post manually using the dev site’s new setup (using ACF Pro, custom fields). I’ve spent weeks removing the live site theme, unnecessary thumbnails, plugins, and all sorts of space hogging files. The only problem is bringing in the new posts from the live site. They are adding new posts weekly and I’m about 25 behind. 🙂