create ini file, write values in PHP

I cannot find a way that easily lets me create a new file, treat it as an ini file (not php.ini or simiilar… a separate ini file for per user), and create/delete values using PHP. PHP seems to offer no easy way to create an ini file and read/write/delete values. So far, it’s all just “read” – nothing about creating entries or manipulating keys/values.

browscap ini directive not set

I’m using the get_browser() function in an attempt to warn people that their browser doesn’t support Javascript. Actually I’m using it to tell them they can use certain parts of a web application I’m building. I’ve decided to properly use Javascript because I’m tired of listening to developers that are scared of using it and I’ve seen some great potential in the language. I digress, here is the error.

Max Execution Timeout 30 Seconds/Mbstring Error Laravel 6*

I am working in Laravel 6.2 and have a basic database that houses a questions table that brings back an id, slug, title, body, timestamps. I have a route set up at questions that calls a controller which queries the DB and the passes the questions to a view index.blade.php and here I display questions with pagination. The issue is that I can display the $questions->title just fine but when I try to display the $question->body I keep getting a specific timeout error. I already changed the max_execution in my .ini from 30 to 300 and to no avail.