Where can i find the header information in a webservice callout request?

we are integrating Salesforce and SAP systems. For that we are making a callout to SAP with username and password in the header. When i checked the debug log the callout_request entry contains an xml request. But i did not find the header information which is the username and password in that request XML. Where can i find it? How could i ensure that i am sending the headers correctly? Experts please suggest. Thanks

Create a record in an object with lookup fields through java soap

I am pretty new with Salesforce and I am doing an integration where I have to update Salesforce with data from a Business System.
I have a problem when trying to create new records in an object with lookup fields from another parent object.
I am using java soap protocol with a partner connection and the field I am trying to update is of Master-Detail type.
I can update it successfully if I enter the Salesforce ID for the value, but not when I enter the actual value that should go in the field.

How can I send filters parameters selected from Ant design Reacjs to nodejs backend?

How can I send filters parameters selected from Ant design Reacjs to nodejs backend?
I want to apply filtration. So for this purpose I make backend API which works correctly when I send data from Postman. Now I want that Filters data parameter should be send from fron-end(reactjs). How Can I send it from frontend using Ant design Tree component?
Here is my code:

Calling Perl script from PHP and passing in variables, while also using variablized perl script name

I normally call perl scripts from PHP as below and pass in variables this way, and it works fine, however now I am building a component for re-use where I want to also variablize the perl script name that I am passing in and this is giving me some headaches, so I am wondering if anyone can point out a better way to do this as my way isn’t working.. thanks..

nodeJS and PHP (Laravel) integration for Socket.IO live chat

Currently I have a website which I wrote on PHP via the Laravel framework. I have wrote a live chat using nodeJS with Socket.IO and Express and now what I want to do is to integrate it inside my already written Laravel website. The problem is the chat must be in the main page, which is currently rendered by the views of Laravel. Currently I am on a shared hosting.