behavior:smooth param breaks window.scroll in keyboard event in chrome

I am pulling my hair out because for some reason when I pass behavior: smooth as a parameter to window.scroll, the function stops working altogether in Chrome. Without behavior:smooth it scrolls as expected. I’m pretty sure this is a Chrome bug, but I’ve used behavior:smooth elsewhere without issue, so I’m wondering what’s special about the config on this page which is causing the problem. Here’s the set-up, which will hopefully allow you to reproduce:

How do I listen to keyboard input in React Native

I have a Honeywell Scanner that outputs text when scanning bar codes.
I can use it as a “keyboard” for text inputs, which comes in very handy because I don’t have to interface anything.
But it has the downside of having to focus an input and thus displaying the virtual keyboard of the mobile device, which is unacceptable for the project I’m working on.