Can I use freepik web element in website?

Can I convert PSD web elements like a pricing plan to HTML and use it free in the commercial website without attribution? for example this component : Answers: Thank you for visiting the Q&A section on Magenaut. Please note that all the answers may not help you solve the issue immediately. So please treat them … Read more

Is it necessary to attribute Creative Commons licensed art?

There are tons of sites out there with free graphics. You can find a bunch of these sites through It seems that 99% of these graphics use the CC Attribution 3.0 license. I’m wondering what the deal really is with these graphics, and the sites they are hosted on and their licences. I can understand if you are using someone’s photo from Flickr or a free web template that you would put some attribution in the caption or footer. But when you are using one vector icon on a website or using a Photoshop pattern as a small part of some larger graphic… are people really expected to attribute that somewhere? I find it hard to imagine that people are carefully attributing things every time they use these graphics. Some of these graphics appear for download on multiple sites and they don’t even attribute each other. How do I know that the CC license is real and not just a default license applied to every graphic on a particular site?