Want to get the value of checkbox and assign it’s value to the class-name

In a div, I have a ‘select all’ checkbox. When this checkbox is checked, all the other checkboxes will automatically checked. I want to assign their values as a class name. I am able to achieve this when a single checkbox is checked. But now I want this should work when all checkbox is checked at once when a select-all checkbox is checked. ​

Shorten the Controller Logic Laravel

I’m trying using Laravel login authentication using different guards but I found that there is some repetition within the store method in the Login Controller (the only difference is the guard used, all other logic are the same). I just can’t find a way to shorten them into some other logic such as method(function) which can be reusable. So if there is possible way, Please help me out.

Why does “true && () => {}” produce “Uncaught SyntaxError: Malformed arrow function parameter list”?

The following code, when executed, true && () => {} yields Uncaught SyntaxError: Malformed arrow function parameter list Why ? Edit: I know wrapping the function in parenthesis works, thanks everyone, but I’d like to understand why can’t the parser figure out it’s a function in the first place. Answers: Thank you for visiting the … Read more