force a disconnect over XHR-polling

I have a client/server application using nodejs on the server and as the connection mechanism. For reasons relevant to my application I want to have only one active connection per browser, and reject all the connections from other tabs that may be opened later on during the session. This works great with WebSockets, but if WebSockets is not supported by the browser and XHR-polling is used instead, the disconnection never happens, so if the user just refreshes the page, this is not interpreted as a reconnection ( I have a delay for reconnection and session restoring), but as a new tab, which ends in the connection being rejected because the old connection made by this same tab is still active.

Recommendation for integrating nodejs with php application

I have an existing app written in PHP (using Kohana framework) and I want to do long polling. From some things I read it seems that doing long polling with PHP is not advisable and using something like nodejs is a better choice. My question is what’s the best way to integrate nodejs (or some other well suited tool for long polling) with an existing application? server very delayed in registering client disconnects

I have a connection using xhr as its only transport. When I load up the app in the browser (tested in chrome and ff), the socket connects and everything works well until I navigate away from the page. If I reload the browser, I can see the ‘disconnect’ event get sent out by the client, but the server disconnect event doesn’t fire for a very long time (presumably when the client heartbeat times out). This is a problem because I do some cleanup work in the server when the client disconnects. If the client reloads, I get multiple connection events before disconnect is fired. I’ve tried manually emitting a disconnect message from the client in the window’s ‘beforeunload’ event as well, but to no avail. Any ideas?

Long-polling (user notification) with a RESTful architecture

I’m working on a simple RESTful api (on NodeJs). I understand that being restful implies that horizontal scaling will be much easier. Unfortunately, I need some way for clients to be notified of certain events almost instantly. For this reason, I was thinking of doing long-polling. The question I have is how this work with multiple servers. For instance, here’s a simplified used case: