Display articles with a different template in the home page | Solved |

I am creating a theme for my site. I would like to display the last 5 articles on the home page but with a different display for the first articles.
So I created this code that I try to tweak but impossible to display the first article with the first template and the 4 others with the second template. I don’t know if it’s possible to do it the way I want to do it, but this way seems to be the easiest

display ACF repater field in archive page

I created ACF repeater field for custom taxonomy terms. Repeater consist of two field “Question” and “Answer” . By this way I want to create FAQ section for each taxonomy term.
Thought I can show other custom fields easily in archive field, But I could not succeded with repeater field . Please help me.

Display a single category in blog section

I have been struggling with a problem, I have a webpage running on WordPress, most of the things work as expected, except one: in the blog section page (the one that is configured in settings/reading -> Posts page), all posts are shown. I have a specific category that should be presented there, but I don’t know how to alter the loop to work as expected. Here´s the code of the index page:

Loop through posts of only 2 statuses

Setting up a visibility condition for a widget – i need it to apply to the posts in a certain term but only those of “pending” and “publish” status. this essentially hides the “add new post” button if they already have a post in that term that is pending or published. i just cant define the 2 statuses properly. i can define just 1 and it works perfect.

Show ACF field with link to ultimate member profile/WordPress user profile below the post (single post layout)

I’m using Advanced Custom Fields and I’m trying to show a custom field below the single post. I managed to get the code to render below the post, but when I set the field movie_actors and save, the entire page goes blank after I refresh it, it doesn’t show any errors on the screen although I already have debug mode enabled.
My field is set as User Object inside ACF, and the field type is user.
What I’m trying to do is to show a link to the user profile in Ultimate Member. I also tried to show a link to the default wordpress user profile just in case, and it also gives me the same result.