Blog home page has canonical link that is incorrect. Do not see where to change this

As part of our website we have a wordpress blog in a subdirectory. I scanned our main site for broken links. The scan included the wordpress blog in the subdirectory. Some “broken links” showed up that have never been present before. The problem is that the “otherblog” has nothing whatsoever to do with our website–it is a separate property. We don’t know how the value for the “otherblog” is getting in.

How to get next and previous post links, alphabetically by title, across post types, in a shortcode

I need next and previous post links in a single post page using a “page-builder” type of CMS—specifically the DIVI theme by Elegant Themes. So, I need the links to be able to appear using Shortcodes, as the controls in the template, along with a lot of the default template stuff, are hidden when you use the page builder. AND, my client needs to be able to manipulate where in the page layout the next/previous post controls appear, depending on the post type, as it’s a portfolio site and “sculptures” get treated with a different layout than “paintings”, if that makes sense.