Magento 2: List of Useful Commands

As a Magento 2 developer, you know how crucial it is to streamline your workflow and optimize your development process. One way to achieve this is by using command-line tools, which can greatly enhance your productivity. However, with so many commands available, it can be challenging to remember them all. That’s why we’ve compiled a … Read more

Select query to return locations of map when users click

I work on the map and keep the locations in the database.
There are different locations of the map on the table. There are many locations within the table.
Now different users come and click on different position on the map, so I have to select a query in the database to find each location. Is this correct? That means I run a query for every click.
In my opinion, specify a dimension(area), and whenever these dimensions are loaded, I select all the locations within those dimensions to avoid additional query select to database.

How to optimise a SQL query with a Timestamp

I have a table with more than 500k rows and I tried to use an index to get the results faster. I have an index of _Date and _Time with BTREE and its only works when I query only the columns _Date and _Time. How can I get the results fast but include all columns? I think that the columns type TEXT are a problem because they do not have a length.

Is there a better MySql query that’s more efficient

I have a query I built up with a little help from web searching, however it is not efficient with the large dataset I have. I set the query running 10 days ago and it’s not finished. I have no idea how far it has actually gotten either. I’m fairly sure that the ORDER BY part isn’t required, I don’t know how much extra it is adding to the process.