How do you uninstall MySQL from Mac OS X?

I accidentally installed the PowerPC version of MySQL on my Intel Mac in Snow Leopard, and it installed without a problem but of course doesn’t run properly. I just didn’t pay enough attention. Now when I try to install the correct x86 version it says that it can’t install because a newer version is already installed. A Google query led me to perform these actions/delete these files to uninstall it:

rake db:create – collation issues

kratos-iii:railsproj zachinglis$ rake db:create (in /Users/zachinglis/Sites/rails/railsproj) Couldn't create database for {"adapter"=>"mysql", "host"=>"localhost", "username"=>"root", "password"=>nil, "database"=>"railsproj_development"}, charset: utf8, collation: utf8_general_ci (if you set the charset manually, make sure you have a matching collation) I had no issues using Sequel Pro and even creating said database. How do I resolve this? Having an empty password never gave … Read more

Install mysqldb on snow leopard

I am trying to get started on working with Python on Django I am by profession a PHP developer and have been told to set up django and python on my current apache and mysql setup however I am having trouble getting the Mysqldb module for python to work, I must of followed about 6 different set of instructions, I am running snow leopard and have mysql installed natively it is not part of MAMP or similar. Please can some tell me where I need to start and what steps I need to follew I would be most grateful.