Developing a tracking pixel

I am trying to build a pixel that would track the current URL the user is on when they visit. I can use either JS (preferred) or a 1×1 image pixel. With JS I am assuming that I’d need to run an AJAX request to a PHP script to capture the info that I need and with an image pixel I am having issues getting the currently URL.

Ctrl + Click on thumbnail in a layer is not selecting a particular area in photoshop cc 2014 & 2015

I’m facing an issue with my Adobe photoshop 2014 and 2015. When I press Ctrl and click on the thumbnail on a layer from layer pallet then it selects the whole boundary of the image. It’s not selecting my particular areas. It’s the same when I am pressing Ctrl + Shift + Click or Ctrl + Shift + I + Click. I need to select my expectation areas by this method. I’ve reset my photoshop by clicking Ctrl + Shift + Alt. But nothing happens.