React.js – How to deploy client and server independently or together?

I have a react.js website with a backend in Node/express hosted on Azure, right now the project is monolithic, every time I do a change in the front or backend everything is redeployed in production. What I would like to achieve is to be able to deploy the frontend and the backend independently from one another whenever I push a change on github, but also if they are both affected deploy them together to avoid inconsistencies. Do you know some best practices or services to achieve this? Thanks

Heroku-postbuild error when deploying nodejs and angular to heroku

I have a app that is currently deployed on heroku and working perfectly fine. I created a new heroku app and tried to run the same branch. I installed nodejs and all the configuration is the same but for some reason the build is failing at heroku-postbuild: “ng build –prod”. It works fine on the previous instance I have on heroku but wont work on the new one. I don’t know what i am missing as the information on the error is minimal. I am attaching my package.json as well as the error message I get. any help will be appreciated and let me know if you need me to upload anything else.

Custom Plugin – Package and Deployment Solutions

We are a very small company working with a specific customer base. In this, we often have to create small WP plugins specific to the customer. Typically, we re-use our own basic folder structure and files (base php file that lays out some standard variables, assets folder structure for css and js files, installation/settings features templates, etc.).