How do I display specific data from json that fulfill a condition?

I’m trying to display particular data for a specific name menu.
For example : /menu/${menuId}/{} (here for instance menuId= “Menu1” and “Pea Soup”). I want to get all the information ( in <div> or <p> from my match.json that corresponds to Pea Soup for example when I’m clicking on “Pea Soup”.

How to render a react component inside a react component every time a button is clicked?

I am pretty new to React and am working on a Nextjs app. I am having problem with rendering a react component every time a button is clicked – the component just does not show. However when I inspect the page and log the very component, it shows up that it is returned as it should be by the function for this purpose. I am using react hooks – useState and useEffect. What I want to be happening is, every time the button “+” is clicked, a new NeededProductsField component to show up. It is a simple form for adding a recipe from a user. I wonder if somebody could help. Thank you!