How to refactor two Model classes implementing same method

Given two classes that extend Model which is an extension of EloquentModel that have the exact same copy-pasted method. What is the recommended way to extract this duplicate method? An abstract class with the method that extends Model that both classes can then extend or a Trait to sprinkle in the functionality? Both classes are named quite similar but different in their uses for our system. Naming recommendations are also appreciated.

What are some alternatives to ReSharper?

CodeRush, by DevExpress. (Considered the main alternative) Either this or ReSharper is the way to go. You cannot go wrong with either. Both have their fans, both are powerful, both have talented teams constantly improving them. We have all benefited from the competition between these two. I won’t repeat the many good discussions/comparisons about them that can be found on Stack Overflow and elsewhere. 1