Get Return Value from SQL Stored Procedure using PHP

So I have a php script that uses a stored procedure to interact with my SQL database. The stored procedure works just fine, the problem is I don’t know how to get my php to echo the Return Value from the stored procedure. The stored procedure is basically activating an account using an activation key and sets the username and password.

return value from asynchronous function in Nodejs

I am using nodejs to query data from Mongodb throught Mongoose.
After get the data, I want do something on that data before responding it to client. But I can not get the return-value. After looking on Google, I have learned Node.js functions is asynchronous javascript function (non I/O blocking). I try this tut ( but it is not work. Below is my code. The myObject is valued inside “find()” function and undefined outside “find()” function. So what should I do to get the data? Thanks!