CSS Grid Images don’t scale vertically

I’m currently working on a project, in which I have to display images in a grid layout. The natural thing for me was to use CSS grid. I have a working solution, which looks good only for certain aspect ratios (portrait aspect ratios). As soon as the aspect ratio is more on the landscape side (especially 16:9), the overall grid doesn’t fit the screen anymore. It seems that the images are the problem because they don’t “scale” vertically.

automatically scale the hex count (background) based on page size, even if it changes

I made this,
I would like this to be the background of the site.
it is currently scalable, because the number of hexagons is calculated during a refresh.
However, if you enlarge the page, or zoom it out. The number of hexagon is no longer sufficient and is not recalculated automatically.
How can I automatically scale the hex count based on page size, even if it changes?

Resize wallpaper to desired size without changing the aspect-ratio

I want an image of size 4551×8001 px to turn into 16:9 format, i thought scaling would work, but it just stretches the image.
How can achieve this?
Changing the size leads to the gray boxes alternating, but i can overlay a black background behind it.
This is the image, i would just like to turn it into 16:9 format without losing quality.(So 14224×8001)

How can a selection be upscaled in GIMP (without upscaling a layer or canvas)?

When using GIMP’s scale option on a selected image, the entire layer is scaled. Canvas scaling also scales the layer (along with all layers). There are also Transform tools that can scale, unfortunately they also scale the layer, not selection. My workaround is a bit sloppy. Fit canvas to selection, then use scale to desired size, copy and paste back into its original source. Scaling down is similar, but with fewer steps. GIMP is such a great program, I don’t know why scaling a selection is so weird.

Make font size bigger than max limit of 1296 pt in Adobe Illustrator (2015)?

For some reason and for many years there’s a limit for font size in Illustrator. It is 1296 points max, so you can’t go bigger without converting type to outlines first. Converting to outlines means you will not be able to edit type parameters and text it-self. Don’t know how about you, but this makes me sad in non-destructive editing era.