ActiveRecord::StaleObject error on opening each result on a new tab

Recently we’ve added a functionality in our RoR application which allows users to open a particular record, let’s say in their own individual tabs. Doing so, we’ve started seeing frequent ActiveRecord::StaleObject errors. On investigating the issue I found that rails is indeed trying to update the session store first whenever a resource is opened in a tab and the exception is raised.

What is the best way to handle sessions for a PHP site on multiple hosts?

PHP stores its session information on the file system of the host of the server establishing that session. In a multiple-host PHP environment, where load is unintelligently distributed amongst each host, PHP session variables are not available to each request (unless by chance the request is assigned to the same host — assume we have … Read more

What is the best practice for restricting specific pages to logged in users only in Codeigniter?

I have created a sign-up and login for my website and all validation works fine for both sign-up and login. After user provides valid credentials he/she is logged into the member area with a welcome message that says Hello first_name last_name.. basically first name and last name is grabbed from database.