Iterating through two columns of a MySQL table

I’m making a bot in PHP for telegram API and I’m using MySQL.
I have a table for every user that stores id, name, etc.
I wrote a piece of code to send number of users and select the id of every user to make a link with it, using a loop.
I was wondering how I can iterate through the names at the same time
do I need another loop or I should use MySQL code?

chat_member not getting invocked

I am using TelegrafJS and nodejs for developing a telegram bot and I want to use “chat_member” because it returns the invite link used by the user to join the telegram group. but the problem is it is not getting invoked. when new members are joined. my primary goal is to get the invite link used by the member to join the telegram group.

is it possible to install copy protection in a telegram bot?

is it possible to install copy protection in a telegram bot?
the bot sends docx files, images and text.
I would like to make it so that they cannot be copied but can be viewed. I couldn’t find anything in the telegram bot api documentation, I can’t Google it either.
the bot is written in node.js. used the node-telegram-bot-api library
For the third day I have been struggling with the question, suddenly who knows if it is possible at all. Maybe it can be done in some other way. For example, to raise a web server where you can watch content and send only links in the bot.

Node telegram bot api – disable processing of updates sent before the bot starts

I, have this issue: when I start the bot it immediately starts looking for updates. However, in my particular case (especially during the developing) this can be very frustrating and uncomfortable. There is a way to tell the bot to process the update sent after the starting of the bot itself?