Sending alert upon HTML update using AutoIT

This might be a long shot, but I have a situation at work in which some automation will be useful. At my work, we use an activity log system that logs events across our workspace. Every few seconds, we get a new event in the activity log, so it’s always updating. Is it possible to use AutoIT to constantly read that activity log and create a pop-up notification when a certain message is presented?

How to properly use aria selectors for definition lists in puppeteer

I’m writing some UI functional tests using puppeteer. After discovering the “Puppetaria” article, I decided that whenever it’s possible, I want to use aria selectors. This has been working OK in many cases, but I’m struggling to figure out how to properly do this using a <dl/> definition list. I’m using a <dl/> to show details about an object in the hopes that it’s an accessible way to present things. For example: