Is it possible to vectorize recursive calculation of a NumPy array where each element depends on the previous one?

T(i) = Tm(i) + (T(i-1)-Tm(i))**(-tau(i)) Tm and tau are NumPy vectors of the same length that have been previously calculated, and the desire is to create a new vector T. The i is included only to indicate the element index for what is desired. Is a for loop necessary for this case? Answers: Thank you … Read more

Bin elements per row – Vectorized 2D Bincount for NumPy

I have a NumPy array with integer values. Values of matrix range from 0 to max element in matrix(in other words, all numbers from 0 to max data element presented in it). I need to build effective( effective means fast fully-vectorized solution) for searching number of elements in each row and encode them according to matrix values.

Vectorized NumPy linspace for multiple start and stop values

I need to create a 2D array where each row may start and end with a different number. Assume that first and last element of each row is given and all other elements are just interpolated according to length of the rows In a simple case let’s say I want to create a 3X3 array with same start at 0 but different end given by W below: