How to make putty to not break my session after some time?

Each time putty is closing the session after some time if it is idle.

There is no time parameter on putty, so how can I keep my putty ssh session always Alive?


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Method 1

Enable SSH keep-alives by changing the following setting to a positive value:

PuTTY Configuration dialog's Connection page

A value of 300 should suffice in most cases. (5 minutes.) This causes PuTTY to send SSH null packets to the remote host periodically, so that the session doesn’t time out.

Note that we don’t want the SO_KEEPALIVE option lower on that page. That is a much lower-level mechanism which is best used only when the application-level protocol doesn’t have its own keepalive mechanism. SSH does, so we shouldn’t use TCP keepalives in this case.

There are other things that can cause connections to drop, but this is a solid first thing to try. If it doesn’t work, you’d need to look into these other things: VPN timeouts, router timeouts, settings changes on the remote SSH server, flaky connections, etc.

Method 2

Another thing to check is if your system is setting the environment variable TMOUT. To check this you can just do:

env | grep TMOUT


echo $TMOUT

If it is set, you could change it or unset it. To change the value:

export TMOUT=3600

Where the number is the number of seconds until you get logged out. Otherwise unset it to turn off the feature:

unset TMOUT

Note, it may be that your system administrator has set this for security reasons. So if you are not the system administrator you may want to check this before changing anything yourself.

Method 3

In addition to the other answers, I’d suggest running screen to be able to have session management even if putty does terminate (connection dying, vpn going down, etc.).

Method 4

Check the following option in PuTTY:

enter image description here

Method 5

Just run this on your putty this make sure, to activate your session for every 10-mins.

 while true; do date; sleep 600; done

Method 6

You can use the top command in the shell prompt. This will keep your session alive.

Method 7

If none of the above didn’t help,
You have to change your system sshd configs!

Edit your
sshd_config file,
in my case it was located /etc/ssh/sshd_config

content was:

ClientAliveInterval 300  
ClientAliveCountMax 0

change to:
ClientAliveInterval 6000  
ClientAliveCountMax 3

Don’t forget
service sshd restart

Method 8

In putty Connection>SSH menu, use the following value as Remote command: bash --rcfile <(echo 'source ~/.bash_profile; unset TMOUT').

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