How to quickly send commands to nested tmux sessions?

I have the following in my .tmux.conf

set -g prefix M-j
bind-key j  send-prefix

I need to press (Atl+J) + (J) + bound-key to send something to the nested tmux session. I feel it is rather slow. Is there any better way? For example, I would love to be able to do (Alt+J) + (2x bound-key) to do stuff in the nested session. I constantly execute commands in the top tmux session instead of executing them in the nested one.
Also, how come everybody binds prefix to C-a? I find it awfully slow and unpleasant to type this combination. Am I missing something?


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Method 1

It is one less keypress to send a command to your nested session if you choose a different key. I use Ctrlt for my standard prefix, and Ctrla for nested sessions.

# set prefix key to ctrl+t
unbind C-b
set -g prefix C-t

# send the prefix to client inside window
bind-key -n C-a send-prefix

Note that I use the -n switch. From the bind-key entry in man tmux:

if -n is specified, it is not necessary to use the prefix key, command is bound to key alone.

So, as an example, Ctrlt, c opens a new window in tmux; Ctrla, c does the same in the nested session.

Method 2

The reason for ctrl-a is that most Unix hackers (that I know at least) remap caps lock to control. That makes all ctrl- ops faster, especially ctrl-a.

Method 3

Alternatively you can disable controls of the outer tmux session. Most of the time I want to control the inner session, so I use F12 as toggle hotkey.

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