ASP.NET 5 project hosting on IIS

I want to host my ASP.NET 5 project which uses MVC 6 and Entity Framework 7 on Amazon free micro instance.
I can’t find any step-by-step manual on how to host ASP.NET 5 projects on IIS, all materials just mention that this is possible but without any guides.
Basically, I’m deploying to local folder and then copying to newly created site, but nothing is working.
Unfortunately, I can’t use Azure as it only has one month free trial, not a year.

Amazon API library for Python?

What Python libraries do folks use for querying Amazon product data? (Amazon Associates Web Service – used to be called E-Commerce API, or something along those lines). Based on my research, PyAWS seems okay, but still pretty raw (and hasn’t been updated in a while). Wondering if there’s an obvious canonical library that I’m just … Read more

Apache can’t access file while is has permission

I don’t want to allow others read access, so I have added my user and the apache user to a group called apachme and then set that group to all the files and folders I want apache to have access to, including the root of the webpage. I have then given group and owner all permissions. After this apache still can’t access the files without setting the read permission to allow all(rwxrwxr--(0774)).