Web Scraping html using python

I am trying to extract 2 sets of data from:
using a python script and drop it into a list or dictionary. I’ve tried Selenium and BeautifulSoup as well as request.
All of them return an empty: [] or None. I’ve been at this all day with no success. I have tried to use the full xpath as well to try to index the location of the text, which had the same result. Any help at this point would be much appreciated.

Extracting Messy, Untagged HTML text using Beautiful Soup in Python

I am trying to parse a webpage with a bunch of untagged text using BeautifulSoup. As seen in the example below, the pattern is a name in STRONG tags, followed by a series of untagged text interleaved with line breaks. At the end of each “group” of text there is an <hr> tag to denote the beginning of the next section.