Discord.js v13 How to check in which vc someone is?

I have this ‘wake up’ command for my bot which is supposed to move the metnioned member between 2 specific voice chats and afterwards move them back to their original vc. I managed to get the bot to move me between those 2 vc’s but I have no idea how to check in which vc the user was before nmoving. I tried searching online and going through the documentation but I can’t figure it out.
Here’s my code:

How to filter bots on Express.js server

I have created an express node.js API, and deployed it to AWS (Elasticbeanstalk with 2 EC2 instances).
I am using the morgan-body package to log the requests and responses on my endpoints, but it seems that tons of bots are “attacking” my API, and this results in millions of logs every months, which cost me a fortune with datadog.
I have used morgan-boday’s built-in “skip” feature to filter requests based on the user agents, but new ones seem to appear every day.
Is there a way to skip logging for all kinds of bots, without checking them one by one ?
Here is my code, many thanks for your help ! 🙂

Doing something if a user reacts to a message Discord.js

I am trying to make an interactive game with a bot. If you haven’t heard of it, it is called high low. A random number 0-100 is chosen. Another random number is chosen. You are shown the second. You have to guess if the first number is higher, lower, or equal to the second. I want to make three reactions. One is an up arrow, one is down, one is an equal sign. How can I execute 3 unique functions when this happens?