How can I change a group_concat column that’s left joined with another table to empty string instead of null when there are no matching records?

I’ve been trying to get a MySQL query that uses a left join combined with a group_concat to get the Amazon S3 paths of all of the profile photos for a given user. What I want is for the photo_keys aggregate column that’s the result of the group_concat() function to become an empty string instead of null when the user has no profile pics.

Trying to do two MySQL Calculation based on value of one column

I have a select statement but want to evaluate one column, if it contains value of 584. I am trying to create a new calculation column called total by multiplying 3 other columns, if not 584 then calculate based on different columns select CASE `d2c_3_csg_batch_in`.`transactioncode` AS `transactioncode`, `d2c_3_csg_batch_in`.`site` AS `site`, `d2c_3_csg_employees`.`lastname` AS `lastname`, `d2c_3_csg_employees`.`firstname` AS … Read more