How can I force entity framework to insert identity columns?

I want to write some C# code to initialize my database with some seed data. Clearly, this is going to require the ability to be able to set the values of various Identity columns when inserting. I’m using a code-first approach. By default, DbContext handles the database connection and so you can’t SET IDENTITY_INSERT [dbo].[MyTable] ON. So, what I’ve done so far is use the DbContext constructor that lets me specify a DB connection to be used. Then, I set IDENTITY_INSERT to ON in that DB connection, and then try to insert my records using entity framework. Here’s an example of what I’ve got so far:

Can one set a breakpoint in EF code first migrations seed method?

I am having trouble with something in the Seed method in the Configure.cs for my entity framework 6 code-first migration process. I am running the Update-Database -verbose command in the Package Manager Console, and tried to set breakpoints (in VS studio web express 2013) in the c# code of the Seed method. But even if I put it on the first statement in the method, it is not hit, although the console displays running seed method (and subsequently breaks due to my error)