Mount zip file as a read-only filesystem

I am looking for a way to mount a ZIP archive as a filesystem so that I can transparently access files within the archive. I only need read access — the ZIP will not be modified. RAM consumption is important since this is for a (resource constrained) embedded system. What are the available options?

Corruption-proof SD card filesystem for embedded Linux?

Recently we had a rather unpleasant situation with our customer – Raspberry Pi based “kiosk” used to display remote sensing data (nothing more fancy than a kiosk mode browser displaying a self-updating webpage from the data-collection server) failed to boot due to filesystem corruption. Ext4, Manual fsck required, the system will be a part of tomorrow’s important presentation, service required immediately. Of course we can’t require the customer to shut down the system nicely when switching it off for the night; the system must simply withstand such mistreatment.