Page not found after migration to localhost. I already updated the sql links and the permalinks. Wp-admin page works perfectly

So basically whats in the title. I migrated the company website to my localhost to implement some changes. First I cloned the repository, then I created the database, and uploaded the sql file. Configured the wp-config.php file. Ran the sql querries to update the links in the databse, restarted everything, and when I go to the local host address it throws an “oops, page not found” error. What’s weirder is that the wp-admin page works perfectly and I can see all the contents of the site in there, but whenever I try to open any page it throws the same “page not found” screen. The links seem to be working well too. And I even added this:

Jetpack Running Locally

Development mode automatically gets enabled if you don’t have a period
in your site’s hostname, i.e. localhost. If you use a different URL,
such as mycooltestsite.local or something, then you will need to
define the JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG constant.