PHP Image Resizing

I’ve got a script that uploads files to the server as well as adds the filename to a database, but what I’d like to do it restrict the maximum dimensions of the image before uploading. So if I upload an image that is 1000 x 500 it will be restricted but still keep it’s dimensions and will be changed to 200 x 100, but an image that is 300 x 300 will be restricted to 200 x 200

Resizing an image in an HTML5 canvas

I’m trying to create a thumbnail image on the client side using javascript and a canvas element, but when I shrink the image down, it looks terrible. It looks as if it was downsized in photoshop with the resampling set to ‘Nearest Neighbor’ instead of Bicubic. I know its possible to get this to look right, because this site can do it just fine using a canvas as well. I’ve tried using the same code they do as shown in the “[Source]” link, but it still looks terrible. Is there something I’m missing, some setting that needs to be set or something?

How to stop GD2 from washing away the colors upon resizing images?

I have developed a photo sharing community site using CodeIgniter 1.7. Photos that are uploaded by members are automatically resized in a number of formats, for which I use the CodeIgniter Image Manipulation class. This class is built into the framework and basically a wrapper around multiple image manipulation libraries, such as GD, GD2, ImageMagick, and NETPBM. On my host, I can only make use of GD2, so that’s where this question will be about.