Unable to simulate Ctrl+Shift+Fn+F10 Key press

I have an ubuntustudio 16.10 64 bit on an IBM Thinkpad E431. I am able to launch an app from a shell script, but the next step involves pressing Ctrl+Shift+F10 On my notebook I need to press the button Fn before F10 . I use xfce Desktop. I am unable to simulate this in a shell script. I had also disabled my touchpad but did not help.

How to make sure that Thinkpad discharges external slice battery first?

The thing is that when an external slice battery pack is connected, the laptop first discharges the internal one. This is a problem because then it is impossible to switch between multiple external battery packs without powering off the laptop. It is also not possible to just disconnect the external battery pack when you e.g. need to insert it into a docking station.