Memory leak in Tensorflow.js: How to clean up unused tensors?

I’m writing a script, which sometimes leaks tensors. This can happen in multiple cases, for example when I’m training a neural network, but the training crashes. In this case, the training is interrupted and will not correctly dispose the tensors. This results in a memory leak, which I’m trying to clean up by disposing unused tensors.

Make a custom loss function in keras

Hi I have been trying to make a custom loss function in keras for dice_error_coefficient. It has its implementations in tensorboard and I tried using the same function in keras with tensorflow but it keeps returning a NoneType when I used model.train_on_batch or where as it gives proper values when used in metrics in the model. Can please someone help me out with what should i do? I have tried following libraries like Keras-FCN by ahundt where he has used custom loss functions but none of it seems to work. The target and output in the code are y_true and y_pred respectively as used in the file in keras.