Plugin Development using classes – Public & Private Callbacks

Alright, so I’m developing a plugin where my plugin file is a class which holds all the functions related to the initiation of the plugin, such that I can simply provide all of the plugins functionalities by initiating the class. According to a variety of docs, I developed stuff in a way where I hook all of the plugin’s functionalities as callbacks onto the according hooks. Callbacks are defined as public functions in the class, and the callbacks are hooked via the class constructor; like so:

How to create a flexible abstraction for WP_Query?

My question is about php but it involves wordpress as i am creating a plugin. The case is that i have 5 questions, each question have 6 choices and one choice to choose from each. Now the person would select any choice from each or just few. I have created the if condition that is now making me mad, as it has gone too long and will do further, like nearly 100 combination will be made. I wouldn’t want that, i know there is a way of multidimensional array but in am not a plugin or php expert for wordpress. so if anyone can sort it for me.