How to package & deploy Node.js + express web application?

I am new to Node.js programming and I have recently created a sample working web application using (express, backbone & other complimentary view technologies, with mongoDB). Now i am at a point where I want to deploy the same on a staging environment and I am not sure how to package this application and distribute the same. [I can take care of mongoDb and setting it up seperately]

Why does colour fade on packaging (light cardboard boxes) if not exposed to sunlight or any direct light/heat?

We designed the packaging for premium skincare boxes using light Pantone colours (two are pastels, one is just light soild) + soft touch matte coating.
After just two months of sitting on the shelves in retail the colours faded on the boxes. The client said they were never exposed to direct sunlight or under any lamps or similar – and I believe them because we have those same boxes in our office – so they went straight from the printers to the shelf in our office never exposed to anything but air, and the same thing happened.

Create a single executable from a Python project

I want to create a single executable from my Python project. A user should be able to download and run it without needing Python installed. If I were just distributing a package, I could use pip, wheel, and PyPI to build and distribute it, but this requires that the user has Python and knows how to install packages. What can I use to build a self-contained executable from a Python project?

Differences between distribute, distutils, setuptools and distutils2?

setuptools was developed to overcome Distutils’ limitations, and is not included in the standard library. It introduced a command-line utility called easy_install. It also introduced the setuptools Python package that can be imported in your script, and the pkg_resources Python package that can be imported in your code to locate data files installed with a distribution. One of its gotchas is that it monkey-patches the distutils Python package. It should work well with pip. It sees regular releases.