Getting error “1366 Incorrect integer value: ‘1’” when importing file

I’m trying to inline upload data stored in UTF-8 text files, and I have two problems. Firstly, there’s currently no primary key set on this table, and it’s not set to auto-increment or forced to be null at this point; the first column will be the intended primary key once all the data is loaded, and foreign keys will be added at that point.

Having an issue with writing correct information to htmlfile with powershell convertTo-html

This question has 2 parts:
Ultimately I am trying to print out the data from the filedescription and originalfilename.
The first and probably simple question is how do I get those on the same line?
I am using PS G:SysinternalsSuite> [email protected]("filedescription", "originalfilename");foreach($V in $Values){(get-command g:**a*.exe).fileversioninfo.($v)} Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit - Windows 10 adksetup.exe Two lines, not one. I can edit it afterward, but…