Best way to run scheduled tasks

Today we have built a console application for running the scheduled tasks for our ASP.NET website. But I think this approach is a bit error prone and difficult to maintain. How do you execute your scheduled task (in an windows/IIS/ASP.NET environment) Update: Examples of tasks: Sending email from an email-queue in the database Removing outdated … Read more

Need to execute *.exe in server from

My current situation is that I need to execute an exe(which creates a local .txt file) in remote server with IIS hosting an API. I created a local user(say userA) as admin to run the web service in the remote server but the .txt file was not created. I already checked and granted necessary folder permissions to userA and added the user in various groups. The funny thing is that if i am logged in as userA in the remote system, the exe gets executed as expected. If i log out then it fails. Server is Win server 2008 with IIS 7. Any help would be appreciated thanks.