React Bootstrap – how to animate ProgressBar when value is increasing but not when resetting to 0%?

I’m using the React Bootstrap ProgresBar component with animation turned on. In the current behavior, animation works both when increasing and decreasing the progress. I have a use-case where I slowly increase the progress from 0 to 100, and then I reset the progress back to 0 and increase it slowly again. When resetting from 100 to 0 the progress animates backwards which is very confusing for my users.

Two simultaneous AJAX requests won’t run in parallel

I have problem with two simultaneous AJAX requests running. I have a PHP script which is exporting data to XSLX. This operation take a lot of time, so I’m trying to show progress to the user. I’m using AJAX and database approach. Actually, I’m pretty sure it used to work but I can’t figure out why, it’s no longer working in any browser. Did something change in new browsers?

PHP Ajax Upload Progress Bar

The upload progress will be available in the $_SESSION superglobal when an upload is in progress, and when POSTing a variable of the same name as the INI setting is set to. When PHP detects such POST requests, it will populate an array in the $_SESSION, where the index is a concatenated value of the session.upload_progress.prefix and INI options. The key is typically retrieved by reading these INI settings, i.e.