Refresh Part of Page (div)

I have a basic html file which is attached to a java program. This java program updates the contents of part of the HTML file whenever the page is refreshed. I want to refresh only that part of the page after each interval of time. I can place the part I would like to refresh in a div, but I am not sure how to refresh only the contents of the div. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

React Router – Stay at the same page after refresh

I’m learning React. I have page with 4 subpages and i use React Router to go through those pages. Everything works fine except for reloading page. When i go from page “home” to “about” or other it’s ok, but when i refresh page then it render again page “about” for a second and then it change page to home (home is default/first page).I want it to stay at that page which is currently rendered, not go back to home after every refresh.
There is my code in index.js file where i render whole app and use router:

Update data on a page without refreshing

I have a website where I need to update a status.
Like for a flight, you are departing, cruise or landed.
I want to be able to refresh the status without having my viewers to have and reload the whole page. I know there is a way to do it with AJAX and jQuery, but I don’t have any understanding of how that works. I also don’t want them to have and click a button.
If anybody knows how that would be done I much appreciate it!