Images from giving 404

A few days ago, images from a website I maintain stopped being displayed in Gmail. The Google’s Image Cache Proxy returns 404 on every image. I can confirm that they are accessible on the server itself and the newsletter displays fine outside, even in Gmail’s own mobile app (it apparently does not use Google Image Proxy). I can even confirm, that Google’s bot fetches these images regularly from the server itself with the server responding 200 status and sending the image. The images in question are png and jpg, no svgs (which appear to have had problems in the past according to my research)

Keep getting “Proxy error: Could not proxy request” error after adding proxy to react package.json

I am following this basic guide to set up a local dev environment with both react and node running. I am stuck after adding a “proxy”: “http://localhost:4001” statement to the package.json of the react directory. It keeps saying: Proxy error: Could not proxy request /flower from localhost:51427 to http://localhost:4001.

Detect clients with Proxy Servers via PHP

I’m looking for a method, or a way to detect clients using any type of proxy server viewing my web site. I’m using PHP/Apache… what’s the best way to do this? Any proxy server would need to be detected, not specifically one or the other. Edit I am more interested in the anonymous proxies… as … Read more

Detecting whether a user is behind a proxy

I’m trying to figure out how I could detect whether people logging into my site are behind a proxy or not. I’ve read that you can detect a person’s real IP address through embeddable objects (Flash and Java). However, I haven’t been able to actually find any examples or source for this.

determine if user is using proxy

Hi I’m creating a game and I would like to be able to tell if a user is using a proxy. If they are than it basically puts a flag on their account. I can make it do the flag and all but I’m not exactly sure how to tell if a user is using a proxy. I’ve seen you can use headers but I’m not exactly sure which to look for and how you would check if a user “has” a header (besides the normal http_referrer and what not).