Run process with realtime output in PHP

I am trying to run a process on a web page that will return its output in realtime. For example if I run ‘ping’ process it should update my page every time it returns a new line (right now, when I use exec(command, output) I am forced to use -c option and wait until process finishes to see the output on my web page). Is it possible to do this in php?

How to integrate nodeJS + Socket.IO and PHP?

I have recently been looking around, to find a good way to communicate between nodeJS and PHP. Here is the idea : nodeJS is still quite new, and it can be kind of tricky to develop a full application only with it. Moreover, you may need it only for one module of your project, like realtime notifications, chat, … And you want to manage all the other stuff with PHP, because it is probably more easy for you (and you can take advantage of the existing frameworks, like CodeIgniter or Symfony).

what is the best way to make chat system between laravel dashboard and flutter app

I Am working on project contain dashboard(laravel) and mobile app (Flutter)
There is a chat interface in the mobile application to talk with the admin on the dashboard
I searched for the appropriate way to do this, but I did not find a solution that works for me
What is the best way to implement the required real-time chat and in the least possible time?