Can I merge an .sql file that runs insert into and a Laravel factory seeder that creates dummy data on 2 only columns?

I have a factory file that creates dummy data for 2 columns: code & barcode. However, I wanted to run an .sql file that replaces data after I run the factory command. With that, I guess a merge will happen and might delete some records, or add new ones. Is that possible to merge the data instead. Like automatic mapping?

Flask mysql data replacement. (UPDATE Statement)

The problem is this: When the command runs, it does not replace the data in the database. I looked at countless pages but found no solution to the problem. But it doesn’t give an error. Script: @app.route(‘/profil’, methods=[‘GET’, ‘POST’]) def profil(): if ‘loggedin’ in session: cursor = mysql.connection.cursor(MySQLdb.cursors.DictCursor) cursor.execute(‘SELECT * FROM users WHERE id = … Read more