Set only a single input (type=radio ) to “required” within php foreach loop

I am stuck with the following problem: I dynamically create Inputs of type radio within a php foreach loop. However, I want only the first input that is created to have the “required” property. My Code is similar to this: <?php foreach ($data as $value) { ?> <div class="radio"> <label> <p> <input type="radio" name="option" class="option" … Read more

Enable/Disable asp:validators using jquery

I am working with a wizard, where the user can sign up. There is a asp:RadioButtonList with two options, and some of the input fields in the wizard changes when the radiobutton changes. On each field there is some asp:Validators (asp:RequiredFieldValidator for example). The problem is, that when the user submits the page, the validator for the hidden textbox is still popping up.